2nd Brake Piston

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The 2nd Brake Piston (#35624-WB001), a critical Drive-Chassis part in the Center Support & Planetary Sun Gear (Atm) system, operates to ensure smooth braking. This part's primary role is to apply pressure on the brake pads, which in turn press against the brake rotor to decelerate or halt the vehicle. When the brake pedal is pressed, hydraulic fluid forces the 2nd Brake Piston (#35624-WB001) into action, generating precise braking as required. Over time, this part may wear out or become clogged, affecting braking performance and potentially leading to safety concerns. Regular replacement of this component is critical, as a worn-out piston could fail, resulting in reduced braking efficiency or even brake failure. Toyota's genuine 2nd Brake Piston (#35624-WB001) is designed for perfect compatibility with your vehicle and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle's braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35624-WB001

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